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Hannah Höch's Journal

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22nd June 2005

ms_timorous6665:00pm: +h
some of you may know this, others may not, but I heard from the Herbst Helmut film "Germany Dada" (1963, i think) that it was Kurt Schwitters that added an extra "h" to Hoech's last name. Hoec.
There's a little stirinthedark forya!

20th September 2004

sydneym3:16am: I have to say, I find this community potentially very exciting. I don't know how Hoch's work has been received in the art world, but I do know how Dada has been received in the world of "literature" and I know how women writers have been received in the world of "literature." Dada writings, at least, are still marginalized to the point of near non-existance, nothing more than a slogan, and the double-bind of being a woman in the movement lessens what little representation there is.

As I said, I don't know how Hoch's work has been received, but I assume that it is similar to the way that the female writers were received. And that's why this group is potentially exciting for me. The possibility of a single figure, burried in that movement, being resurected for at least a few people to look at her; not existing as a caricature but as an actual artist.

It makes me wonder if there's room in the world for a Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven group.

6th September 2004

ms_timorous66612:04pm: Hello, I just joined here and I would like to ask: who is Hannah Hoech? and where can I see some more info on her?

6th August 2004

neue_sache5:44pm: Welcome to hannah_hoech!
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